Tug of War 75ft

Tug of War 75ft

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Cost $75

White 75ft Long Tug of War Rope | 1inch Thick Game Rope


Our Tug of War Ropes are made with soft cotton and polyester fibers - IT'S EASY ON THE HANDS!SAFETY FIRST: Our rope is made with multiple fibers, this reduces the recoil affect. The only other type of rope that is recommended by the International Federation of Tug of War is the Manila rope, for the same reason. Ours though, is SOFT compared to a manila rope. 

 Color may vary

Rope tug of war game rental is a classic and exciting activity that can add an extra level of fun and competition to any event. This game is played by two teams of players, who pull on opposite ends of a rope, trying to pull the other team across a designated line or into a pit.

Rope tug of war game rental services typically include a high-quality rope that is designed to withstand the pressure of the game, and sometimes additional equipment such as a center marker, a pit, or a sound system to create a lively and competitive atmosphere.

Rope tug of war game rental is perfect for a variety of events, including outdoor festivals, family reunions, and corporate team-building activities. It's a great way to promote teamwork, communication, and physical strength, while also providing an opportunity for friendly competition and fun.

The rental service typically includes delivery, setup, and pickup of the rope tug of war game, along with instructions on how to play. Some rental services may also provide an attendant to help with setup and provide additional games or activities.

Playing rope tug of war is a fun and engaging way to promote teamwork, communication, and physical strength. The game requires players to work together, pulling in unison, to defeat the opposing team. It's a challenging and entertaining activity that's sure to leave guests having a great time.

Overall, renting a rope tug of war game is a great way to add a unique and exciting activity to any event. It's a fun and engaging way to promote teamwork, communication, and physical strength and create a memorable experience that guests will remember for years to come.